Rhosyn Ddraig Grove is the founding Mother Grove of Avalon Druid Order (ADO), preceding the Order itself by several years. The Grove was born in New York State's apple and lake district (called by natives 'Avallenia' or 'Land of Apples'), where it thrived for six years before moving to the Highlands region of the Blue Ridge Mountains in response to a death in our family. Whilst the legal wheels turned, the Grove's work was restricted to developing new coursework for the Order and the simplest of spiritual observances. With the estate's closing we began the search for our permanent home, which we hoped would serve as a retreat and training center until the Order is ready to acquire its own dedicated lands. We have now found that home in the Virginia Highlands!
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*(MVL Bergman a.k.a. CL Anderson)
In addition to practicing various forms of energy healing, Myrddin completed courses in Celtic spirituality and herbalism at Brighid's Academy of Healing Arts under Gina McGarry, Ard-Bandraoi of Tara (Ireland), and has extensively explored sacred sites throughout the Isles. He was recently knighted by the Lady Vivianne, Abbess of Three Stones Abbey, in recognition of a lifetime of service to the Goddess. He is a Core Member of ADO and an ordained Avalonian Druid, Elder, and Dreamer.

Family Tree

At its dawning, when the Grove was yet a Hearth bereft of Brothers, it was host to many women of talent; but talent is not enough to sustain one on a Path such as ours. Most of these individuals fell away, either through calling, ambition, or as a result of the Grove's relocation. We have no regrets. The Way of Avalon is not a Way for all people -- nor even for all Druids -- and it is often the Lady's way to have us begin again just when we imagine our work completed. And so with us ... For three years the Grove lay fallow while the estate ran its course. It has been long since we lit a beacon for Seekers to find us. At Midwiner 2006, at the waning of Standstill, we struck the first sparks.

As we kindled the light of our beacon, we prayed for members who are full of joy and mirth, but also disciplined, dedicated life-long learners and spiritual practitioners. We asked that there be neither too few nor too many, but sufficient for all the work that comes to hand; we asked that they be active and generous participants in the life of our spiritual community who are as desirous to give as to receive. We set no timelines for the Grove's growth, but trust that the right people will come to us at the right times.


In the waxing of the year the Grove acquired and repaired its long-home, and in the waning cleared away the dross of former occupants to clear, ward, and dedicate it to its new purpose; now we must prepare for the many challenges ahead. Having established a working relationship with our Spirits of Place, we begin the process of designing healing, meditative, and ceremonial gardens that accommodate the drier, hotter world that human beings are manifesting. Aesthetic considerations,  rain barrels and drip lines, composters, and other systems that conserve and recycle resources must balance and harmonize with each other if our gardens are to fully succeed. We hope to synthesize information from permaculture, square foot gardening and urban homesteading sources to create a garden that is bountiful, beautiful, practical, and responsive to the needs of our land and its creatures. Amidst all this work, we are also re-establishing our Grove studies and practice.

Early Avalonian myths, ancestral customs, ceremony, the BoSL, and Shared Dreaming continue to take a central place in Grove work. Because we see self-sufficiency as part of self-empowerment, we strive to reclaim and hone ancestral survival skills (e.g. growing/safely storing foods and herbs sans refrigeration or canning; making condiments, lards and cooking oils; finding local alternatives for sugar, salt, pepper, baking soda,  and other common spices; making paper and ink, thread, fabric, dyes, and home-made soaps; fishing, tracking/hunting, and trapping; brain-tanning; constructing shelters, nets, baskets, and bow-drills; and reliably purifying water). Mastering these skills allows us to release these basic survival fears and frees us to explore. In combination with our spiritual customs and practice, they also form the basis for life in traditional community.


We hope to manifest a comfortable, safe, private, sanctified space, including a hearth area within, and a circle and labyrinth for ceremonies, gardens and a sacred grove without. The Grove House will have sufficient space to accommodate small groups -- and still have room for us. Rhosyn Ddraig will continue to host Dreams of Calling and Core Member training events, and we hope to expand this to include local public events as we train new members. However these dreams manifest, it is our hope that they will serve the highest good of all.

What is the purpose of our Grove? Not hard. It is embodied in the symbol of the Grove itself: in form the white lily; in spirit the black rose; in motion the red dragon. We hold the Dream of our ancestors; we sing the Song that is in the Land, and the Path we follow is the same as for those who came before us:
To those who yearn to learn the Hidden Ways and to walk them with us, who have the Heart, the Will, and the Discipline to persevere through every obstacle and to do whatever is necessary -- no matter how inconvenient or unconventional -- in the pursuit of Truth ... We kindle this beacon for you.

If this information has rekindled within you a desire to reclaim the spiritual path of your ancestors, if you are interested in a form of Druidry where women and men are truly equals, if you desire to serve as a spiritual midwife, a guardian of the Mysteries, and a planetary steward, if you have always been fascinated with Avalon and you live in or near southwestern Virginia, this may be your spiritual home. It is said that the Three Cauldrons are turned by sounding the sacred harp strings, and lo! -- the harp lies below. It is for you, now, to turn aside or to pluck up your courage and approach...

We look forward to hearing from you!

Grove Founders

Morgaine: Grove Mother and Founding Elder Dreamer of the Avalon Druid Order (ADO), founder of Avalonian Order of Ninefold Sisterhoods (AONS: Sisterhood Branch of ADO). Morgaine met her first Avalonian mentor early in 1987 during professional theatre training. In 1991 under the guidance of British, Welsh, and Breton mentors, she completed training as a Singer ('Bard') and returned to the United States to study Celtic Avalonian spirituality at SOA, where she was appointed by SOA Morgan, Jhenah Telyndru, to the Sisterhood's first Council of Nine, and assigned as one of its original Seminary mentors, and

Myrddin: Co-Founder, ADO; Founding Father, Druid Brotherhood of Iona (DBOI).  Myrddin was a Scottish Rite Master Mason, ceremonial magician, "psychic operative", and High Priest of a Welsh coven, before ever arriving on the shores of Avalon. Of the twenty-two participants at SOA's first retreat to Glastonbury Tor, he was the only Druid Brother to attend. He is a graduate of the original Silva Mind Program, which trained psychics so effectively that the program has  now been 'Classified' by the US government. His prophetic gift has been showcased on radio, television, and at international events. Myrddin is the primary men's mentor, developing training materials and coursework for ADO's budding Druid Brotherhood.
to its original Bylaws committee. She studied traditional herbcraft, healing, and Celtic spirituality at Brighid's Academy of Healing Arts under the mentorship of Gina McGarry, the Ard-Bandraoi of Tara (Ireland).

Over the next five years, she completed foundation training in (native) Faery Avalonian spirituality under five Tradition Mentors, culminating in her ordination as an Avalonian Druid Priestess and Dreamer in a modest, evening ceremony in the cress meadow at the Chalice Well.  Morgaine is primary mentor for Avalon Druid Order (ADO); all ADO Druids claim their Avalonian "Motherline" lineage through her. She creates most of the coursework for the Order and currently serves as a member of the ADO Elder Council, where she will continue to serve ex-officio as Wise Woman (advisor) in future.

Highlands region of the Blue Ridge Mounains, Virginia USA